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How it all began...

I'm just a girl with a dream and a tattoo of a dead wasp on the side of her head. I've always been artistically inclined; drawing, writing, crafting, anything that I can bury myself in for a brief escape from real life. So when 2021 turned into a rough year for me, I turned to my artwork for comfort. 

I started posting my designs up on Redbubble, but all I ever really wanted was my own brand that allowed me to inject a little piece of my aesthetic into the world; and here it is: DeadWaspDesigns.

DeadWaspDesigns is a brand that caters to those like me who love unusual, cynical, and sometimes creepy designs; the kind of people who love it when someone asks "what the hell is that on your top?!". 

Another tenet of DeadWaspDesigns is "comfort comes first". Our alternative apparel aims to make sure that you feel like you are perpetually wearing "loungewear", even when you have to go out and interact with the wider world. 

So, if the person above sounds like you, then I hope you can find what you are looking for in the DeadWaspDesigns store.

Katy Warburton (Founder):


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